Brea City

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The area now known as Brea initially began in the late 1800’s with two towns, Olinda and Randolph. Known for their rich deposits of crude oil, both towns quickly grew in popularity bringing much economic prosperity that would eventually see to their merger. And in January 19th, 1911 Brea came into being, becoming officially the 8th city of Orange County. Eventually the oil industry gave way to booming Citrus industry, and like so many other Orange County cities Brea became another large orange grower.

Today Brea is known for its retails centers and Public Art program. Starting with the large and well known Brea Mall it has been a central draw to the cities popularity for over 30 years. And in 2001 the redevelopment of the Downtown area brought further vitality to the area. Bringing the city a multi-plex movie theater, more restaurants, a myriad of shopping venues, cafes and even an Improv comedy club. The project was such a success that it won the California Redevelopment Associations Award of Excellence.

Since 1975 Brea's has mandated that commercial centers host public art, resulting in over 150 artworks that now adorn city. The program has been so successful it has served as a prototype for many Public Art programs nationwide.

Brea like its surrounding Orange County cities, has and continues to maintain a high standard of living, resulting in valued residential properties.

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